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Join us and come live the SSC experience!

Students who are between the ages of 12 and 17 on September 30 can be admitted to the SSC. Therefore international students can come:

  • Live an academic experience of French-speaking and cultural immersion. This experience can be of longer or shorter duration depending on the needs of the participating students;

  • Spend one or more full school years (10 months) at the SSC and obtain recognition of the credits acquired. Depending on the level and the number of years spent at the SSC, students can obtain the Diplôme d'études secondaire du Québec.

For the first three years of secondary school, students have the choice between two programs of study:

Publication Facebook- programmesbon (2).png
Publication Facebook- programmesbon (3).png

For the last 2 years of high school, special attention is given to preparing for higher education so that our students have access to the best colleges and universities.


Our international students stay with rigorously selected host families. They can thus benefit from all the comfort and support necessary for their studies.

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