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L'obtention du diplôme

PROM 2024

Explore our page to learn more about our specific objectives, discover the details of our fundraising campaigns and above all, participate in making this extraordinary evening a reality. Together, let's make the prom a magical and unforgettable moment for our students who deserve a celebration worthy of their accomplishments.


To celebrate the start of the new school year and foster an environment conducive to discussion and conviviality with our students, we are organizing a small snack outside during the first week of class. Thus, in order to warmly mark the start of the school year, we are setting up a time dedicated to relaxation and socialization.


At SSC, we believe in the importance of learning beyond the walls of the classroom. That's why we've created unique experiences for our students that help them grow, connect, and create lasting memories.

Our class camps take place in the evening at the beginning of September. Each of these activities takes place under a unique theme (friendship, trust, the importance of others, mutual aid, surpassing oneself, etc.). These activities promote connections between students, create team spirit and encourage creativity.

These school activities are designed to help our students get to know each other, build strong bonds, and create memories that will last a lifetime. At SSC, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive educational experiences that go beyond textbooks. Our class camps and school activities reflect our commitment to the overall development of our students.


In November, our school is pleased to welcome representatives from various schools (CEGEPS, universities and professional training centers) during our career day. 

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During certain holidays such as Christmas and Easter, students attend a celebration presented by Father Richard.  In addition, before the holiday season, the SSC organizes its traditional Christmas meal each year, which is intended to be a real feast.


These ceremonies are an opportunity to give thanks for the journey traveled and have been a long-standing tradition at the SSC.


During school perseverance week, members of management welcome students with a little hot chocolate.  A beautiful thought that has delighted more than one!


During the month of April, we host a career fair, giving our students the chance to meet potential employers, learn about career opportunities and apply for part-time jobs.

We work closely with the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi d’Argenteuil to offer resume writing workshops to help young people better prepare for this job fair.


In addition to the enrichment activities offered at school, outside strictly class hours, other activities are offered to students: cultural trips, cultural or social outings, bonding activities, etc.

Participation in these activities is a privilege granted to students who have satisfactory academic performance and a positive attitude towards school life. The range of activities and outings may vary from year to year, depending on availability and organizational contingencies.

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This annual event allows us to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our students who have distinguished themselves in various subjects. 

We would like to sincerely thank our teachers and staff members who dedicate their time and efforts to guide and support our students throughout their educational journey.


The BEST week (volunteering-exploration-internship-work) is an innovative project allowing the integration of educational and professional orientation content with the aim of equipping students in their reflection on their professional choices. Whether in the form of volunteering, internships or travel, students are encouraged to reinvest their experiences in stimulating learning situations.
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At SSC, we believe in the importance of learning beyond the walls of the classroom. That's why we created a unique experience for our Secondary 1 students that helps them grow, connect and create lasting memories: canoe camping.

This adventure takes them into the heart of nature where they learn to work as a team, develop their self-confidence and connect with nature. This trip is an outdoor learning experience that creates unforgettable memories.


At SSC, we pride ourselves on preparing our students for a future that extends far beyond our local community. Travel is the key to opening doors to a world of possibilities, learning and personal growth.

These trips are not just getaways, but educational experiences that leave an indelible mark on the lives of our students. They learn intercultural skills, develop independence, and are inspired to pursue larger goals.  Here is a brief description of the trips offered to our students:

Secondary 2 - Quebec: Secondary 2 students have the opportunity to discover the richness of Quebec culture. As they explore Old Quebec City, they learn about Canadian history while soaking up the warmth and hospitality of this beautiful city.

Secondary 3 - Toronto: This multicultural metropolis exposes our students to new perspectives, stimulating their curiosity and encouraging them to consider an international future.

4th Secondary - Europe:The trip to Europe in Secondary 4 is the pinnacle of our educational travel program. Students explore the rich history and culture of this continent, broadening their horizons and deepening their understanding of the world.

Secondary 5 - New York :  To end their school career, our students go to New York, a city that symbolizes the opportunities and diversity of the modern world. This journey builds their confidence, prepares them for future challenges and inspires them to dream big.


Schools in Collaboration is a group of schools founded in 1999 in the United States by the Priests of the Sacred Heart.


This initiative aims to promote a common vision of education, emphasizing the fundamental values that guide our educational approach.


The Summer Institute is an annual event that brings together students from 7 schools located in Germany, Brazil, Canada and the United States. In 2023, four of our Secondary 1 students had the chance to live this unique cultural experience in Texas.

This institute allows our students to meet classmates from other schools and different cultures. They had the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and build friendships.



The year 2023 was marked by a first in the history of the SSC: a sports exchange! 

This first experience was with the Brazilian school: Colegio Sao Luis. The students of this school had the opportunity to explore several magnificent places and play numerous games of volleyball during their visit to Quebec. 

It was a great pleasure to welcome these extraordinary students to our school. For a first student exchange, each student was delighted with this enriching experience. Our students, meanwhile, took over in the fall of 2023, when our volleyball team traveled to Brazil.

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The Séminaire du Sacré-Cœur forms different teams that will compete with other schools, either within the Réseau du Sport Étudiant du Québec (RSEQ), or within the framework of tournaments or even in local leagues. It regularly happens that our students place at the regional level and compete at the provincial championships or the Quebec Games. The range of sports teams may vary from one year to the next, depending on availability and organizational contingencies.

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Flag Football

Cross Country

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NOS ÉQUIPES 2023-2024


The SSC Olympics take place over several weeks and end with Olympic Day in May. Surpassing oneself and team spirit are there, and every year, we witness spectacular performances in all disciplines.


The Olympic flame that is used during the opening ceremony is the same one that was used during the 1976 Olympic Games!  A flame carrying history, which was entrusted to Father Richard in 1988 to make a memorable crossing of our municipality.

In 2024, the SSC will celebrate its 56th Olympic Games but from the first years of the SSC, i.e. for 70 years, there has always been a so-called Olympic day.  This activity is therefore intended to be a tradition in our institution. 


The sports gala is a special event which is organized to reward our talented students who invest in the practice of sport within our establishment. 

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