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Words from the Executive Director

Welcome to SSC!

The transition from primary to secondary school is always a pivotal stage in a child's life. Indeed, this period of their life coincides with the moment when they definitively leave childhood to enter adolescence. During this important stage in their lives, children will see their abilities, both physical and intellectual, develop at an unprecedented rate. If these changes are a dream, they also invariably bring their share of questions, uncertainties, even anxieties, for young people.

This is why, aware of the limitless potential of adolescents, but also of their fragility, we devote ourselves to offering young people who attend the Séminaire effective supervision, teaching of the highest quality and a family living environment where they can flourish.

At the Séminaire, we have the firm conviction that each of the young people entrusted to us is a treasure and that they deserve the best possible education. This is why we work every day to make the SSC the best school in Quebec. Ambitious you say? For my part, I will tell you that one can never be too ambitious when one speaks of education and that there is, in my opinion, something reassuring in the idea of sending one's child to a school that aspires to be the best and takes the means to achieve it. As such, we have made the following choices:


  • Innovation and pedagogical renewal;

  • Professional development and continuing education;

  • Adaptation to the realities of young people;

  • The quality of customer service;

  • Maintaining our family values.

Moreover, like the vast majority of private schools in Quebec, the SSC is an NPO. The SSC is said to be a private school in the sense that it does not come under a school service center like so-called public schools and that it is subject to the Act respecting private education. I would personally prefer that we use the expression “autonomous school”, because the SSC offers a service of public interest and NPOs, in general, are perceived more as social economy enterprises than private enterprises.

Finally, rest assured of our team's determination in making all students' journey

at Le Séminaire a most rewarding, stimulating and fun experience!

Christian Lavergne
General director
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